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    Membership is available to persons engaged in the practice of Human Resource Management, in the field of HR Education, or who demonstrate a bona fide interest in Human Resources and in the purpose of HR-PAGE. Regular members in good stand and holding National SHRM membership may vote and hold office.  Members in good standing may vote. Student members are not allowed to vote.

    Who Should Join HR-PAGE?

    Anyone who has responsibilities or oversight of HR functions such as recruitment, hiring, benefits, compensation, payroll, policy development, and employee engagement!

    Benefit Specialist
    HR Officer
    Legal Counsel
    Office Manager

    HR Consultants Supervisor
    Students Majoring in Business or HR Recruitment Specialist
    Private Business Owners
    Civic and Non-Profit Organization Reps
    Educational Representatives
    Government Agencies

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    Type of Regular Membership
    • Individual (non-transferable)
    • Corporate (transferable) dues paid by the employer may be transferred to another individual within the company. Employers may not alternate sending different individuals to Chapter meetings.
    Dues & Meals * SHRM Member
    • $0 – I am a SHRM member
    • Number of Meals x $10
    Dues & Meals * Non-SHRM Member
    • $40 – Dues only
    • Number of Meals x $10
    Dues & Meals * Student Membership
    • $0 – SHRM Member
    • $10 – Student Dues only
    • Number of Meals x $10

    *You may also pay for meals at each meeting. If you purchase more meals than you eat, the extra money will be donated to the SHRM Foundation.