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    The Common Ingredient for Winning Organizations? Culture! by Timm Collins

    Date: May 12, 2021, 12:00pm
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    What are the three questions that you need to answer to improve your company's culture and help your team win? Join us as we welcome Timm Collins to discuss the important topic of CULTURE! 

    Three important things to remember during this presentation:

    • solid, healthy teams do not happen by accident
    • culture trumps competency, every time
    • team culture - the #1 indicator of employee engagement

    About the Speaker:

    Timm Collins spent the first decade of his professional career as the pastor of a rapidly growing congregation in Central Florida before becoming a trainer and coach to hundreds of international leaders. His passion for both leadership and team culture began early as he was leading dozens of high-capacity volunteers each week, and then that evolved into a role as a team builder and cultural architect for businesses and non-profits around the country over a decade ago! Timm is the founder of Create Momentum and is also a keynote speaker, a team trainer, and an executive coach. He is married to Miranda and has two sons, Noah and Levi. 


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